About us

Human Innovation Review

Since 1998, the Human Exchange Foundation has been involved in various areas of research and innovation including social sciences, humanities, as well as organizational and network development.

Our service portfolio and references are based on over a decade long experience we have gained in research, development and innovation, they reflect the diversity and significance of our interventions in the corporate / business, public and civil sectors.

The objectives and activities of our projects include regional, territorial or settlement development, as well as sectoral, service, organization and human resource development. During their implementation, we are committed to achieve the highest professional quality and scientific standards. The key factor behind our success is our experienced, well-trained team of experts, available through the research institutes associated with the foundation. Our representatives are university lecturers and researchers equipped with business experience, as well as corporate, civil and public administration specialists representing various fields. They can collaborate effectively on projects that can even embrace unique demands and needs.

Our projects financed by Hungarian or European Union funds are implemented in the spirit of social inclusion and integration, supporting social and employment goals and activities, promoting the increase of equal opportunities and interest representation for minority groups and disadvantaged communities.