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Welcome to the Human Exchange Foundation website.

Since its establishment in 1998, our public utility foundation has successfully conducted diverse  services regarding various fields of research and innovation related to human, social scientific, organizational and network development domains.

Our service portfolio and references established on the basis of over a decade long experience in research, development and innovation reveal the ramifying characteristics and significance of our interventions having been carried out in the field of business, enterprise, budgetary and civil sectors.

From the onset it has been our goal to achieve the highest professional and scientific quality throughout our projects including regional, territorial and settlement development, just as branch, service and organization or personnel development objectives and contents. The primary key factor behind our success is a group of highly qualified professionals and experts available at the Social and Economic Resources Research Institute operating within the organizational environment of Human Exchange Foundation. Our experts cooperating efficiently within project frameworks capable of successfully espousing and satisfying individual needs and demands comprise university researchers and professors having experience in business and economic fields, as well as professional representatives from various enterprise, economy and civil domains.

I truly hope that our website will prove to your satisfaction, you may find it useful; supplying all the necessary information that might support your decision to initiate cooperation with our foundation and experts regarding the above mentioned professional topics.

All feedback, questions, and suggestions, as well as reflections, proposals and comments are respectfully acknowledged and appreciated.

- Board of the Foundation