Our services

The Human Exchange Human Resource Development and Consultant Foundation offers the following services to business organizations, local governments, civil organizations, as well as development associations and communities.

I. Human Research and Development

  • Complex assessment and analysis (background analysis) of the Hungarian social and economic conditions in the relation of national economic and territorial units and/or possible market segments, for domestic and foreign companies and enterprises; mapping of the environmental conditions of investments and developments, for the purpose of identification of risk factors (risk analysis) and compensation.
  • Preparation of regional and district-level studies and development concepts based on a preliminary survey (situation assessment) for local governments, development associations and agencies in accordance with the operational programs of the current National Development Plan and the priorities and measures of other support programs.
  • Sociological surveys and studies for ministries, specialized administrative bodies, local governments, civil organizations, resource centres and development agencies, for the purpose of determining social needs and demands (needs and demand assessment), and for preparing resource maps (economic, social, occupational, training, etc.).
  • Preparation of interest and conflict analyzes at the request of companies and enterprises, as well as for the development of cooperation systems and the improvement of interest enforcement potential of employer and employee interest representation organizations.
  • Labour market investigations, surveys and analyzes focusing on labour resources for business organizations, local governments, specialized administrative bodies and civil organizations aimed at different market segments.
  • Preparation of sector development studies, analysis of inter-sector relations for innovation-oriented participants working in different sectors.
  • Preparation of background analyses and studies necessary for the development of knowledge-intensive services that support the collaboration between higher education and business sectors, facilitation of the cooperation system.
  • Planning and implementation of organizational human resources investigations and development actions (HR audit, resource analysis, competence analysis, motivation analysis, employee satisfaction survey, "360-degree" survey, management coaching, team coaching, empowerment, outsourcing, outplacement, job analysis and evaluation, etc.).
  • Planning and implementation of corporate/organizational performance evaluation and incentive systems, conducting surveys prior to their implementation; system integration of complex performance and incentive management systems.
  • Planning and implementation of studies in organizational culture, multicultural analysis.
  • Measures to improve the efficiency of organizational communication based on preliminary investigations.
  • Conducting organizational interest network investigations; implementation of surveys and development actions aimed at uncovering and managing organizational conflicts prior to conflict management procedures.
  • Planning and implementation of socio-technical analyses at the request of companies, enterprises, budgetary institutions and civil/non-profit organizations.
  • Examining the development perspectives of the social economy, mapping the opportunities and conditions for civil/non-profit organizations to represent their interests. Planning and implementation of interventions aimed at improving the labor market opportunities of disadvantaged social groups.
  • Conducting background investigations promoting and demonstrating the social responsibility of companies and enterprises, preparing complex documentation and other representation programs, as well as managing their implementation.
  • Assessing the ability of companies, enterprises, local governments, associations and civil organizations to raise and maintain funds, and to increase the potential of receiving and using funds by applying different interventions.


II. Consulting services related to human resource development (education and training).

  • Planning and implementation of education, training and retraining for companies, businesses, local governments and civil organizations in order to improve the efficiency of employees and the regional workforce, as well as to reduce unemployment.
  • Planning and conducting group trainings for business and non-profit organizations as well as budgetary institutions in the following human resource development areas:
    • management training and selection,
    • conflict and problem management,
    • time management,
    • team building,
    • organizational communication,
    • improvement of multicultural communication and cooperation,
    • increasing participation in the organization: delegating tasks and decision-making,
    • presentation technique,
    • performance evaluation – increasing work efficiency,
    • incentive management,
    • career management,
    • change management,
    • increase in sales efficiency,
    • improving customer relations,
    • handling difficult customers,
    • team and management coaching.


III. Consulting services related to organizational and service development and change management

  • Consultancy in
    • Strategy,
    • change management,
    • business management,
    • marketing and
    • human resource management, as well as
  • consulting for business organizations, local governments, development associations, agencies and civil organizations in the planning, management and control of development interventions
    • promoting social responsibility, as well as
    • PR and business communication (web design, e-commerce, marketing, foreign language leaflets, publications) in order to optimize their organizational functioning and improve their efficiency.


IV. Consulting services related to fundraising from European Union support funds

  • Assessment of development needs and requirements,
  • resource analysis,
  • evaluating the ability to raise, receive and maintain funds
  • project development and project management for business and non-profit organizations, as well as local governments and regional development associations in order to attract additional funds for development, as well as to implement development projects.