Submitting Publications

Please send your publications to the following e-mail address:

Declaration of consent

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Deadlines of Submitting Publications

Two volumes of Human Innovation Review are going to be published yearly from 2011. As for first volume the deadline of submitting publications is 31st of January 2011, proposed publishing time is July. Submission deadline for the second volume is 31st of May, publishing is scheduled in October.

Evaluating Publications, proofreading

Applicants will be sent an electronic response letter on publications submitted by due date. Upon arrival, content and form of publications will be assessed by evaluation committees comprising Human Innovation Review Advisory and Editorial Board and external experts. Expertise will be sent electronically to the applicants.

Editing instructions (download)

  • Font: 10-pt Times New Roman;
  • Simple-spaced;
  • Margin 2,5 cm all around;
  • Using tabulator for each paragraph’s first line; with the exception of paragraphs following titles, listings and blank lines;
  • Title of chapters: 11-pt font, title of subsections: 10-pt bold, the rest with 10-pt italics;
  • For specifications, please use ■ as in this text;
  • Range requirement: publications should be min. 7 pages, with maximum length not exceeding 10 pages;
  • Charts, tables are placed in the middle, with contents titled and numbered bold, in case of charts proper resolution, min. 1000 pixel wide picture files (JPG or TIF) are preferred;
  • Footnotes are placed at the bottom of the pages.

Content of the publication

  • Short summary, approximately 10 lines (abstract: gist of publication, utilizing information gained, adaptable broader context);
  • Introduction of main topics, major units should be minimum 1.5 pages;
  • Conclusion;
  • Bibliography.